Pre-Owned Vehicles

We locate what you want!

We're not restricted to a small inventory. Our 35 years of connections and locating technology that allows us to search and find your just-right vehicle. All we need is for you to describe the vehicle you want. We'll locate it, then call you back with a description and price. All this over the phone without you wasting time and gas to find the best vehicle. Let's take a look at your needs in 3 areas.


How we help you SAVE MONEY

Buying a pre-owned vehicle helps you eliminate the HUGE immediate depreciation that takes place on new vehicles. When a car dealer offers a vehicle for sale, it has been marked up enough to offset the dealer's expensive overhead, pay its employees, and retain a profit. Here are 5 ways we help you save.

  1. For decades we have had key relationships with fleet and used car managers. Because we assist thousands of people, we are able to negotiate special reduced pricing.
  2. We have access to vehicles before they ever get to the dealers. Independent wholesalers who go to the auctions know we are constantly in need of quality vehicles. By fax and internet, we have access to millions of dollars of inventory, before they are sold to the dealers. This eliminates excessive dealer markup and allows you to save money.
  3. We also have access to vehicles sold by individuals.
  4. We even have access to closed auctions throughout the United States.
  5. Dealers typically increase profit by marking up auto accessories. We offer auto accessories at wholesale: window tinting, custom wheels, DVD and navigation systems, moonroofs, leather seating, LoJack and much more! Never pay retail!


How We Protect You

We ask you enough questions to get a very clear picture of the vehicle you are looking for and your financial guidelines.

  1. If you plan on financing the vehicle, we start with making sure you are getting low interest rate financing. When selling used cars, dealers can markup their interest rates to increase profitability. We connect you to low interest rate financing leading to a HUGE savings! Dealers also try to increase their profitability by offering marked up extended warranties and protection programs. We have access to Credit Union low rate financing, warranties, and protection programs, all of which save you money!
  2. We know which vehicles have the highest resale values and lowest maintenance expenses. We can also provide you with comparisons without you trekking from dealer to dealer, and we assist and guide you every step of the way. Helping you make a wise decision is our primary focus.
  3. We can provide you with a Carfax report and assist with a vehicle inspection.


How We Make it Easy

Once we've located your just right vehicle, we call you and describe the vehicle in depth.

  1. Vehicle color and equipment
  2. Kelly wholesale and retail blue book values
  3. Your discounted price through us and the out-the-door price- no additional fees
  4. Monthly payments based on approved credit
  5. Then we arrange a hassle free test drive