About Us

Buyers often share with me their anxiety of going to a dealer to buy a car. It's my opinion that comes from an overriding mentality that says, "Get the sale! Make as much money as you can! Do it now!" All this has given birth to an auto sales industry encased in high pressure, manipulation, and self serving values.

Frankly, I founded this company with a very basic premise. Some call it the "golden rule," or "treating others the way I would like to be treated."

To do that, I have taken my 35 years of experience and my moral values and asked, "what are the most important concerns and needs of people, and how can we provide solutions."

Our first priority is to ask questions. We not only want to get a clear picture of people's needs and financial guidelines, we also want to begin a personal caring relationship. Our customers are also our friends. They know if they ever have a vehicle challenge or need, we'll be there with cheerful assistance and decades of connections.

Our reputation is rock solid. That's why Credit Unions and Labor Unions have asked us to assist their members. That's also why we enjoy repeat business and many referrals.

A special thanks to all those who call us friends!


Roger Card Owner/President